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#1 2015-05-15 9:36 pm

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Dusting off the forum. ATL Setlist 5-15-2015 Eddie's Attic

Not sure if anyone will see this, but Mason has some incredible new songs that he played tonight at a sold out crowd in the intimate room of Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia. Setlist first, comments second.

Lemon Grove Avenue
The Light Part 2
Heaven (new song)
The Wilderness
Darkness Between the Fireflies
Drinking as Religion
*Johnny Cash cover on Piano*
Bitter Heart
Everglades (new songs)
Two Dollar Man (new song)
Your New Man
Memphis, TN
Patty and Robert
Jackson Square
Sorry Sign on Cash Machines

Hospitals and Jails
I love you and Buddah too
Keepin It Real

Great venue for acoustic shows. Mason capped off his two night performance with this solid set list. The excitment from the crowd after he played the new song called "Everglades" was palpable. One of the best things I think he's ever written. Fresh sound to it. Two Dollar Man was almost as good in an entirely different way. Mason says he's been hard at work recording and hopes to have a new album out by the late fall. I know it's been a while...and the Mason fanatics have grown restless. Great things are coming soon.

Enjoy the music.

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#2 2015-05-24 6:27 pm

From: PA
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Re: Dusting off the forum. ATL Setlist 5-15-2015 Eddie's Attic

Paul - great update!  I hope to get to a show soon.  Nice to hear we may get a new album this year.


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