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#1 2012-12-04 4:22 pm

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Black (lyrics)

Hey website admin!
I noticed the site doesn't have the lyrics to 'Black' by Mason,
so I decided to write em out, if you wish post in the lyrics section.

Mason Jennings - Black

Damn the rivers and damn ourselves
Clear cut and watch another tree fall

The situation is bigger than us when,
the solutions that we have are all,

Ice age, information age, distracted
living life on the phone

We try to live in the present now,
But the future won't leave us alone.
It keeps coming.

Don't let the world go black.
Don't let the world go black.

I am the man with the choice at hand
Stuck in traffic of the streets of the earth.

We are the mind running out of time,
With the power to decide what it's worth.
God help us!

This is the heart trying to make a new start,
Chooses love in the shadow of doubt.

In trouble as the bubble fills with rubble,
Digging in is the only way out!
Keep digging!

Don't let the world go black,
Don't let the world go black.
Keep singing!

Oh, this is the last hour of life.
One more chance to make it right!
Darkness is close at hand!
Help us to understand!

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#2 2013-01-07 11:31 am

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Re: Black (lyrics)

Thanks, I actually do have this, but I called it Don't Let the World Go Black. I called it that because while it's called "Black" on the 180° South soundtrack, it's called "Don't Let the World Go Black" on the more recent Patagonia Music Volume 1. I went with recency. If you have a more recent or reliable reason going with "Black", let me know and I'll change it!


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