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#1 2012-12-13 10:35 pm

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live show liquidation

I'm liquidating a large amount of my live show CDs as I'm no longer taping, & not trading live discs much anymore.  I don't want these shows/discs to go to waste, but it's either to you or to the wastebasket because I need the room.  There are a large amount of Mason shows on my site that I'm clearing out as well.  Here is the link:

Email me if interested in any of the liquidation shows (email address is on the site/link; do not post reply here as I don't check BWB as often....sorry reef).  Willing to go B&P, or B or P route (you send blanks/I pay postage OR you send empty envelope with enough postage/I drop discs in envelope & mail).  I'm not interested in trade route (or trading shows off my Primary List for now) unless you have something off my Wanted list or good quality Mason shows that I don't have.  Please note, sound qualities vary & are subjective, & most setlists are noted on the link/site (& yes, I haven't updated some setlists, so no flames about 'Crush The Pill', 'Young Anymore' & 'Strange Blossom' tracks shown).

Extra-special 'thank you's go out to the veteran Mason fans from this & the numerous prior Mason website boards who were kind enough to tape, trade, & overall be nice people who dig, & are willing to share, Mason music, etc with other fans:  reefdog, BeeCzar, saraH, Tommy K, dnthmn, El Coremino, anthro, DiscoDave, & locke456, in no particular order.  Thank you all.

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