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#1 2012-10-26 11:07 pm

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10.26.12 Indianapolis Set List and Review

Mason Jennings wasn't the only one with a crazy hair tonight...I jumped on a plane from Atlanta yesterday and caught Mason in his fall tour swing through the midwest in a hip part of Indianapolis tonight called Fountain Square. So glad I did! The venue was the smallest I've ever seen for Mason. Place called Radio Radio.

Only about 200 or so in the crowd tonight. The 50 or so of us in the "pit" were great. Would have like to turn the volume down on the chit chat of the other 150 behind us. It was so small, though, that when Mason sat down to play the piano...80% of the crowd couldn't see him, so they just carried on in conversation.

With that aside, Mason delivered an amazing setlist in this intimate setting. Songs below:

Hospitals and Jails
Isabella (pt 2)
Living in the Moment
Your New Man
Memphis, TN
Bitter Heart
Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor
Drinking as Religion
The Field
California (pt 1)
Ballad for my One True Love
Dreaming of the Day (New Song, sounded right in to the set)
Be Here Now
Jackson Square

Darkness Between the Fireflies
Fighter Girl

Starting to see a few new songs pop up on the board and in concerts! Can't wait for any news of a new album...I feel like it's about that time.


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#2 2012-10-31 6:49 pm

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Re: 10.26.12 Indianapolis Set List and Review

Thanks for sharing - great setlist!


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