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#1 Re: The Masonry » Mason songs showing up every where now » 2010-10-28 11:38 am

I (unfortunately) haven't come across Mason in any sort of commercial or TV show, but I think his music would be a really good fit for the latest Subaru ad campaign, which has already featured M. Ward & Sean Hayes (the musician, not the Will & Grace actor). I highly recommend checking out both of them if you aren't familiar with them.

#2 Re: The Masonry » The Flood » 2010-10-20 8:36 am

Fully agreed. I really like having the physical album...I like being able to look at the artwork, and I feel like my CD collection looks a lot cooler without a bunch of burned CDs with sloppy Sharpie written on them.

#3 Re: The Masonry » The Flood » 2010-10-20 7:34 am

Mason announced the tracklist via his facebook:!/masonjennings.

"New album The Flood is available for pre-order on iTunes. Act fast, we've got some specials planned for you!"

What do you think the specials are?

#4 Re: The Masonry » The Flood » 2010-09-14 2:32 pm

Thanks for the info! I guess I'll just have to be patient...

#5 The Masonry » The Flood » 2010-09-14 2:05 pm

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Has there been any news on this album? For some reason I had Sept. 21 in my head as the date it was supposed to be released, but I can't find any sort of official word, aside from a few news articles from July.

I am really looking forward to this album...I hope it's not lost!

#6 Re: The Masonry » New "Simple Life"-ish album in Fall » 2010-08-10 2:31 pm

I am so excited for this album. Simple Life is one of my favorites, and I expect this one to be just as great.

I agree with most of the songs listed by previous posters, especially Joy and White. I would also really really dig 579 (Road to Oakland). I think that's one of his most beautiful songs.

#7 Re: The Masonry » First Ave » 2009-12-31 12:23 pm

Did anyone go to the show? What songs did he "dust off?"

#9 Re: The Masonry » Lyrical assistance on "Sing Out" » 2009-09-18 7:10 am

It's "No light upon my feet, so much that I couldn't see"

#10 Re: The Masonry » Thoughts on "Black Wind Blowing" » 2009-09-17 9:13 am

I hadn't gotten that deep yet, but I definitely think you're on to something. I had been wondering about the prophet line myself, but what you said makes a lot of sense. After reading your interpretation, I think the song is a big-picture allegory for Muslim/Judeo-Christian relations over history. We all began as brothers, but different choices have led us to do awful things to each other.

#11 Re: The Masonry » Lyrical assistance on "Sing Out" » 2009-09-17 9:06 am

The CD does have lyrics included, but it's out in my car. I'll check at lunch and get back to you.

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